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Vortex Miami Graphic Design and Branding Services
Steer Products and Services to Success.

Do you have a new business or product and need a logo, positioning and branding materials to go with it? Our Miami-based team of graphic designers deliver whatever you need, from napkin sketch to final art and digital files for stationery, social media and advertising that engages your prospects at first glance.

Expert web design in Miami. Whether you need an website for your professional services firm, Shopify or WooCommerce, we’ll deliver not just what you want, but what you need. And once your site is built, we can help you drive meaningful traffic with PPC ads, social media and email campaigns.

Having a website is one thing, driving traffic to your site is another. Our email graphic design team can build a template to make your work easy, or an entire campaign and workflow using Constant Contact, My Emma, Mailchimp or any other popular emarketing platform. We can import your contacts, segment lists, setup triggered campaigns and more.

Need help producing graphics, or entire animated banners for online advertising? Would you like to step up your social media posts and stories with more engaging content? We can assist on a project or on-going monthly basis.

We’ve designed and produced over 13,000 projects in print and digital formats. You can count on Vortex Communications to develop the right solution for your business needs.

Want to step up your next Porwerpoint presentation with slicker looking graphics? Need to bring charts and diagrams from your team more in line with your color theme and style? Would you like to see a little animation but not overdo it? Has the corporate office sent you brand guidelines, but you need someone with a design sense implement the new system and layout?

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