How to Boost Website Engagement

5 Tips for Turbocharging Your  Website Content

No doubt you’ve heard that “Content is king.”

But what exactly does that mean?

In 2018, successful content marketing is about offering value to your audience, through solution-oriented products and services.

But there’s more to it than that. The facts and figures alone won’t address the bigger issue of engagement.

To make content engaging, you must consider the importance of smart web design in the presentation of content. A well-designed user interface can ensure your website content is delivered in appetizing “morsels”, creating a path of breadcrumbs that will be visually appealing and navigated intuitively.

If you are to have any meaningful success moving prospects through an online sales funnel, optimizing your website design and content presentation should be high on the priority list.

Great writing is just the beginning. Even if you are a wise sage, nobody will hang around long enough to read your content if  the presentation is not tuned to website visitor’s expectations. Understanding expectations comes through the development of buyer personas. Personas are then used to create what is often referred to as the “buyer’s journey” on your website.

Here are five ways you can improve the user interface design of your online presence. These web design tips can help make your content easy to read, engaging and ultimately create a better experience for your site visitors.

1. Add Lead-ins to In-Depth Paragraph Content

When it comes to online content marketing, you need to keep introductory messaging  short and sweet. Avoid building a “wall-of-text” on home and landing pages by sticking to 1-3-line paragraphs that deliver high value to the user. Once a visitor chooses to “dive-in” for more detail on sub-pages and blog posts, add sub-headers, imagery and text highlighting or bolding to break-up longer passages. Always keep in mind that your prospect is looking for answers, so get to the point quickly.

2. Add Icons, Spot Illustrations and Support Imagery

Visuals are crucial. Research indicates that blog posts with imagery get 650% more engagement. Small icons, type graphics and spot illustrations help punctuate page content, and can lead the eye from page element to page element.

Rather than selecting visuals that illustrate your headline or callout in a literal and redundant way, choose imagery that enhances your messaging with provocative visual associations.

Well curated photos and support graphics captivate visitors and enhance understanding.

3. Add Infographics

Diagrammatic or illustrative infographics provide clarity and are liked and are shared three times as much through social media.

Converting the important points in your blog posts into an infographic takes extra time, but the ROI in engagement and brand reinforcement is well worth it. And remember, providing valuable information is what engagement is all about.

4. Incorporate Video

At this point in time, Video content has proven to be a highly effective way to engage web visitors. By 2019, online videos will account for an incredible 80% of all Internet traffic and streaming video is gradually replacing traditional broadcast and cable distribution. Google’s new video ad targeting tools are evidence of the opportunity and value this medium offers.

Finding ways to incorporate the action and drama of video content into your marketing strategy is a smart move for any business these days. Strong, creative video gets more engagement, more comments and more shares.

YouTube, Vimeo and live video on social media have opened up new and exciting ways to explain and showcase your products and services while delivering the message on a user’s terms.

5. Offer Downloadable files and giveaways

Your content needs to have big takeaways, and often your story is too much for a single blog post, webpage or video.

Providing website visitors with the option to download files, such as: a case study; an eBook; whitepaper or detailed brochure or booklet allows prospects to read offline, while helping you capture contact information, product preferences and other valuable sales data.

You can also invest in a giveaway or lead magnet, which will help boost click-throughs and are often used to convince subscriber that providing a useful piece of contact information is worth their while.

If you plan to capture personal information or IP addresses of leads who share information in exchange for a download or other offer, be sure to consider compliance with GDPR regulations. While this really applies to companies doing business with EU customers, the State of California’s recent rulings are an indicator that respecting user privacy and information is likely to become a much bigger regulatory concern for online marketers with U.S. based customers.

Create Content that Builds Your Brand

When your content is easily read and understood, people will stay on your site—and with your brand—longer.  Smart formatting and strong copywriting combined with engaging visual content is a recipe for success.

Done right, you can increase visibility, build loyalty and achieve your goals.

To harness the power of strategic creative thinking for more conversions, call Tom Weinkle, President of Vortex Communications at 305-666-7621 or reach out through this form

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