Our combination of skills, experience and judgment
is unique in the marketplace.
And it’s all focused on your success.

Completed projects and counting

Core graphic design competencies focused on customer-centric messaging will take your organization to new heights:

1 | Valuable Insight

25+ years of experience gives us the ability to offer thoughtful solutions in traditional and new media.

2 | Breakthrough Creative

We’ve won our share of creative awards, but our focus has been on enhancing client brands and achieving their goals.

3 | Digital Marketing

If it’s online, we’re already in line with your goals.

4 | Print Marketing

We’ve handled every type of print project there is: Large or small, single-sheet, multi-page through packaging and billboards.

What’s your sweet spot? Our design firm is probably an ideal fit.

Personalized Service

Extended or abbreviated, we’re among graphic design firms who believe that project outcomes should be structured around needs and goals rather than ideals that often don’t take into account real world situations.

Responsive + Nimble

Our “scalable” approach allows us to handle large or small marketing communications and branding and respond quickly and efficiently.

Strategy Based Work

We monitor trends, but one of a small group of graphic design firms who don’t do anything for the sake of style. Our branding concepts and decision-making always ladder up to the notion of Buyer Personas and market needs.

Production Expertise

We’ve purchased millions of dollars of production services. That gives us expert knowledge, resources and trustworthy partners means that we (can) do what we say.

Seasoned Judgement

There are always many solutions for any given creative challenge. The key is knowing which one is best. After 13,000+ solutions under our belt, we know the difference between right and wrong.

Brand Clarity

We transform brands by getting at the core values of products and services. We articulate with a unique creative graphic design language that resonates with your stakeholders.

Fair pricing & Ethics

We’re not the low-cost design firm, but our work and wisdom pays for itself. We’re fiercely loyal, honest, fair and we always look ahead because we’ve never had to look back.

Passion & Drive

We love what we do, and work hard for our clients every day. And sometimes nights!


We aim high for our clients because they accept nothing less.

Think of Vortex as an extension of your team.

Committed To Your Success

Simply put, if you succeed, we succeed. And the only way to know is by measuring the quantitative and qualitative results.

Aligned With Your Goals

We’ll push back on your thinking when necessary, but we buy-in to the big picture of every project and brand.

Thirsty for Knowledge

Great insights and concepts are built on a foundation of context. The more, the better. We invest in learning for the long-term success of our clients and our firm.

What are you waiting for?
Nanoseconds are a wastin’.