Leverage social media for new business prospects and leads

Social Media Marketing: Get Your Brand Out There

Do you use social media to prospect for leads? If you think it’s not practical, you’ll find that millions of business owners and managers think differently.

The Power and Profit of Social Media

According to a recent Hubspot surveyvortex-social-media-strategies, 70 percent of B2C businesses have acquired customers through Facebook and 53 percent of B2B businesses have attracted customers through LinkedIn. These statistics show the potential of using social media in your marketing efforts.

It’s not likely you’ll be an overnight sensation using social media, and some types of services or products are easier to leverage, but the following example illustrates how practice and persistence can pay off:

Seamless has used social media to launch and build a national menu marketing business. They offer customers the ability to search for restaurants, review menus and order food for pick-up or delivery. Their customers can order through their Facebook page and download apps to make it even easier. They currently have links to over 12,000 menus and use social media to regularly offer promotions to followers. These days, Seamless has over 365,000 fans on Facebook and over 80,000 followers on Twitter.

Whether you are a restaurant, manufacturer, or professional services firm, social media can be a powerful addition to your sales efforts.

A small commitment of time and energy can pay off big

You can leverage major social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+ for business with just an hour each week. You can develop connections, turn leads into customers by championing, sharing and developing content your target audiences will value and need.

It’s easy to get started prospecting for leads


  • Create a social profile on each of the major networks
  • Identify the keywords and phrases that people use to find your products or services
  • Create organic content that addresses their concerns, challenges and needs


  1. Use social media search tools to identify and follow users that could be potential leads for your business
  2. Engage with potential prospects and build connections by: reposting content; spotlighting posts relevant to your industry and services; contributing and commenting to establish ‘thought’ leadership
  3. Share your own content to drive traffic to your website and build interest in your products and services.

The steps will vary slightly from one social media network to another. However, the concepts are the same. Prepare for the network selected. Find people who are possible leads. Start engaging.

Of course, getting started with social media can be daunting if you have never done it before. Chances are, your competition is already in the game. Calling in a graphic design and website consultant is the smart move to make. The consultant can help you set up your social media profiles, develop strategies, and produce content.

About the author: Tom Weinkle is a founder and partner of Vortex Communications, a graphic and website design firm who offers graphic and WordPress web design, build, troubleshooting and training services along with search optimization, social media and inbound marketing services. Based in Miami, Florida, Tom has over 25 years of experience in visual communications for the healthcare, medical, law, accounting, software, financial services and banking industries.

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