Miami Branding and Brand Design Services

Give your Brand a clear voice.

Your brand identity is how you are seen, heard and remembered by consumers. A great brand reflects your customer’s expectations.  Yes, it’s a logo and a look, but it’s also a personality and a voice.


We Win Hearts + Minds.

We articulate the unique value of your products and services in a way that reflects your stakeholder’s expectations.

We Differentiate.

We bring razor sharp clarity to the value of your products and services by developing unique messaging and creative that differentiates you the competition.

We Maintain Your Lead.

Creating and managing a brand is not a one-time event. It is an ongoing process of articulating offerings and nurturing understanding.

If your brand isn’t working in at least 3 of these ways, it’s time to call Vortex.

  • Reinforcing Consumer Expectations
  • Reflecting Your Value Proposition
  • In Tune with Today’s Culture
  • Helping you to Stand Apart From Competitors
  • A Source of Pride For Your Stakeholders

Our brand agency services will help you define your customers, brand and accomplishments in a way that stands apart from competitors.

Decode the marketplace

  • Understand your product or service in the context of the industry and consumer landscape;
  • Define your company’s product and service as it relates to customer perceptions;
  • Articulate the value message of your offering;

Project consistency and clarity

  • Ensure that brand messaging and imagery will reach the desired target segment;
  • Create brand guidelines for your alliance partners and vendors to implement;
  • Develop tools to help bring common belief and understanding of your brand across your entire company;

Nurture your markets

  • Expand awareness of your brand to the marketplace;
  • Create digital assets connected with your brand and efficiently distribute them.

We tailor our branding services to your needs.

Our sweet spot is startups, medium and large organizations who want high level thinking delivered with a tight scope of services. Rather than force you into a program that’s too small or too large, we develop a plan that’s based on filling the gap.

How important are brand agency services to the success of your business? A BusinessWeek article put it this way: “Define your brand identity—your product’s ‘personality”—before you spend a dime on advertising or marketing.’”  Excellent advice, as research shows strong brands perform better at the bottom line. One study concluded that, “When solid fundamentals are accompanied by a clear, compelling brand proposition… a brand is likely to increase both sales and shareholder value.”


From a 360º view of your brand to anywhere in between.


Articulating a brand requires strategies that measure up to your brand’s buyer personas.

Creative Development

We explore style, tone, words, and imagery until we land on the perfect brand identity.

Brand Standards

Rules about brand usage actually save time and allow you focus on higher-priority activities.

Design Applications

We can create everything you need, or rebrand everything you have. Online and in print.


As styles and taste change, We keep your brand up-to-date.


Branding is as important to your employees as your consumers. We help bring alignment.


Ensuring proper use enhances brand value. Occasional audits do the trick.

Explore the case studies below to see how Vortex’s unique approach can help you excel.

  • Florida Health Networks

    Want to design a logo quickly? Stay away from the computer.

    Services Provided

    • Concept Development
    • Final Artwork
    • Digital File Prep

    The Health Foundation of South Florida commissioned Vortex to develop a fast-track logo solution for a new neighborhood-based health initiative “Florida Health Networks”.

    Tom Weinkle, Creative Director at Vortex recalls, “The client had discussed the project and creative brief with us a few weeks earlier in order to establish a budget, but we didn’t get the green light until about 72 hours before it was due. Rather than complaining about the realities, the client and I agreed we’d keep the solution simple, and reign in the ideation process”. MORE >

  • Miami Children’s Chorus

    Website Content and Design Come Together to Tell A Better Service Story

    Services Provided

    • Fast Track Concept Development
    • Final Artwork
    • Digital and Print file delivery

    Vortex has been the graphic design firm of choice for the Miami Children’s Chorus for more than 5 years, working closely with the Executive Director on marketing communications.

    Now in their 51st season, Vortex and Tim Sharp agreed the time was right to introduce a fresh look for the non-profit organization, and strengthen the overall brand presence on seasonal marketing materials.

    The real challenge was in needing to develop a concept and final artwork within two weeks to meet deadlines for first event marketing materials. MORE >