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Is Your Business Website Making Headlines Or Sitting In The Sidelines?

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Services Provided

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  • Web Design
  • Content Strategy and Development
  • SEO
  • WordPress Custom Theme Development
  • Training
  • Maintenance

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As an enterprise providing intelligent software solutions to the newspaper and media publishing industry, the team at Brainworks prides itself on media expertise as well as resourcefulness in business SaaS (Software as a Solution) development. Therefore, the Sayville, NY, company’s decision to engage Vortex Communications to update its website, was made on the premise that Brainworks wanted to make improvements, without distractions from doing what it does best—developing and selling digital and print publishing software solutions.

Miami-based Vortex Communications was a smart choice to help Brainworks with content development, web design and search optimization, while making the new site responsive (smartphone and tablet-friendly).

The Value of Outside Perspective

Commenting on Brainworks’ decision to work with his team, Tom Weinkle, Creative Director at Vortex, says “Here was a client that knows their industry inside and out, and they know how to market and sell their product. As evidenced by their products, Brainworks is also expert in programming and application development. Even so, the company wanted an outside creative perspective on how they might better present their product and service story.” Tom added, “The Vortex team invested time to learn about Brainworks’ unique Circulation, Ad Production, Ad Management and CRM software components. More importantly, we learned what set their offering apart from the competition.”

Breakthrough Creative Thinking that Engages Target Audiences

Vortex’s message strategy “Now your business side can be as timely as your news side” tied together key advantages of Brainworks products — comprehensive real-time data and production features — with the importance of news and media information currency. Weinkle notes, “Every piece of the new Brainworks content tied back into the over-arching theme, and that helps to engage audiences who are looking for a media software solution.”

Once the content strategy was established, the Vortex team got busy building a completely new Brainworks site using the ever-popular WordPress platform. The project’s web design and functionality requirements precluded Vortex from using an off-the-shelf theme. Weinkle says, “We recommended custom theme design because from a long-term perspective, we knew we could deliver a a user interface that stands apart, streamline content management, and enhance productivity for our client.

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The Vortex web design solution also incorporated:

  • A mega-menu concept to allow visitors to get big-picture concepts before diving into page content
  • Powerful and highly visible calls-to-action on every site page driving requests for demonstrations from qualified prospects
  • To the point, and easy to read benefit oriented messaging
  • Custom content modules throughout the WordPress website that enable the client to add or modify content, without the need for design-decision-making or programming skill.

Additional project services included:

  • Migration and search optimization of eight-years’ worth of company and client news posts
  • Search optimization services of all new content which has resulted in Page 1 rankings for a full range of desirable product keywords and phrases
  • Testing, transfer and launch of the new site at the client’s web hosting company
  • WordPress training and support on an as needed basis

The Business Attraction of Web Design Without Distraction

Even Internet, mobile app and web-savvy companies can be challenged by the time and effort required to evaluate and improve their organization’s website. In Tom’s words “Web design might not be a company’s core business activity, but you can’t treat a redesign as a side project—it never works out well. Shortchanging creative and messaging development is like trying to run a news story with no headline. Nobody sees it, reads it or remembers it.”

Brainworks’ team understood the dilemma of getting the best from their online presence, while focusing on its core business competencies. The solution to that dilemma lay in working with a trustworthy and graphic and web design partner committed to excellence.

Brainworks management knows it made the right decision and the same can be true of your organization. If you’d like Vortex Communications to help ease your web design distractions, contact us online or contact Tom Weinkle at 305-667-6662.


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