Florida Health Networks


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Want to design a logo quickly? Stay away from the computer.

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Services Provided

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  • Concept Development
  • Final Artwork
  • Digital File Prep

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The Health Foundation of South Florida commissioned Vortex to develop a fast-track logo solution for a new neighborhood-based health initiative “Florida Health Networks”.

Tom Weinkle, Creative Director at Vortex recalls, “The client had discussed the project and creative brief with us a few weeks earlier in order to establish a budget, but we didn’t get the green light until about 72 hours before it was due. Rather than complaining about the realities, the client and I agreed we’d keep the solution simple, and reign in the ideation process”.

Weinkle says, “The key to a successful outcome for a fast-track project like this is for the graphic designer and client to establish and agree on criteria up front.” He added, “…give anyone enough time, and they can come up with a winning idea…a true professional can work under pressure and still perform at a high level if they understand the parameters.”

In order to develop concepts quickly, Weinkle recommends working with paper and pencil before computer drawing programs. “Digital drawing programs are great for rendering ideas and exploring variations once you have an idea, but pencil and paper help your thinking evolve more quickly.”  “The informal nature of hand-sketching prevents a designer from getting stuck on one idea. Weinkle says,…”drawing by hand allows you to generate 10 ideas in the time it takes some someone to draw one or two on a computer”.

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There are many criteria by which to judge a logo, but symbolism is the most important. In this case, the design team saw an opportunity to play with the structure of a letterform and create symbolism that related to the nature of the program. Weinkle offers “The “H” in the word Health was “hiding” a shape that is typically associated with health or safety depending on the color palette. We had other ideas, but we knew this was a winning concept right away.”

Once we had the idea in hand, it was a matter of refining, positioning, spacing and balance. We used Adobe Illustrator to convert the pencil sketch to a vector file. The ideation process took the most time. The vector drawing and adjustments only required a few hours. We presented our three best concepts with 48 hours of starting the work and the client’s team selected their favorite, which Weinkle says “happened to be our favorite”.

The VP of Communications was thrilled, and summed the work up as … “super fast and on-target”. Looking back, Weinkle says, “The client knows we want more tim to develop our solutions, but accommodating their needs helped to strengthen the relationship. Now, they know how we perform under pressure…being nimble is extremely valuable these days.”


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