Centric Consulting | App Styling Project | 9.3.16

Vortex Observations and Recommendations


I believe that the splash screen could be more compelling. If the idea of the app is to help connect people with offers, or monitor location for safety, maybe we could use an image of a person or people using a phone as if they were in a store or on the street or a cruise ship (as you allude to in your app description)


Food for thought: I understand this mockup is a sample of how the app can be used, but I think we could consider introducing some heirarchy to the navigation here.


  • My offers

is more exciting in look and feel since it’s meant to be promotion oriented.


  • Group
  • Partners

are less important and become part of a side dashboard that swipes in and out. They could have icons instead of being words.


  • Bluebeak button

is part of a bottom nav that is access by an icon


  • Map and remaining buttons become more visual and larger shapes with graphic or photo imagery

Not sure I understand the intent of the social media links…

The Vortex Process for this project

Step 1: We would sketch in pencil or photoshop, a few concepts for the above

Step 2: Based on review with Centric, we would refine concepts to final psd files.

Step 3: If helpful, we could provide basic css info for fonts, and styling of elements such as text, boxes and imagery contained within the design concepts. We’re not app coders, but happy to assist in a way that makes sense for Centric.

Time and Costs

Estimated hours: We would estimate between 30-40 hours for the work described above.

Fees: We normally estimate our work by the number of total hours, and agree to a “not to exceed” budget for the scope of the work. If the scope of work changes, then we estimate additional fees for approval.