The Design Process at Vortex Miami, Florida

Our graphic design and branding processes describe your products and services in exciting new ways

We leverage a shared understanding of your prospects, leads and customers with quality creative thinking and execution.

Vortex clients have found increased value and in having our team of graphic designers on call for a full-range of marketing and advertising communications needs. Feel free to review our portfolio to see examples of focused, strategic thinking in action.


Here’s how we work, and there’s little ego involved.

1. Discovery

As graphic design and bnranding professionals, we need to know as much as we can about your situation. You talk (or write), we listen.

2. Goal Setting

Shoot for the stars, and we’ll help get you there, if at all possible.

3. Proposal

You need to know, and we’ll tell you all about the cost, timing, and graphic design deliverables.

4. Approvals

You say jump, we say how high!


5. Strategy

Based on your input and our understanding, we’ll establish a messaging strategy that will be the basis of our design work

6. Concept & Creative

A lot of work and a little magic goes into developing ideas and mockups for your review.

7. Production

Our wealth of graphic design and print production experience and resources come into play as we build the design for print and/or digital applications.

8. Evaluation

A pat on the back is fine, but we’re really interested in knowing the results so we can bring new insights to the next project.

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