Project-based Creative Services | Miami


Commitment-phobic? We offer two appealing arrangements:

The Un-Retainer

The “un-retainer” is an arrangement in which a project is estimated, and a minimum fee is agreed upon, but for which actual hours are tracked and billed.  Typically, there is also a provision stipulating that the estimated minimum will not be exceeded without additional approval. This provides maximum flexibility and accountability.

The Flat Fee Project

In many cases, a flat fee is the simplest way to pay for creative services. Perhaps your agency is focusing on another project on your behalf, the project is outside the expertise offered by your in-house staff, or you need someone to pitch-in on a temporary basis. We’re happy to help, and not step on toes while we do the work.

With 13,000+ projects completed, we can offer high-level digital and print creative services for:

  • Website design and SEO
  • Online Banner ads
  • email and enewsletters
  • Print ads and Outdoor
  • Brochures and sales materials
  • Trade show and meeting graphics
  • Presentations
  • Sales office panels and graphics
  • Design templates for in-house agency use
  • And just about anything else you can think of

In the new world of marketing, old business models don’t always work. A survey by RSW/US indicates a declining satisfaction on all sides with retainers – over 50% of agencies surveyed had either lost or resigned retainer clients in the previous year.

Need an Extra pair of Creative Hands?
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Explore the case studies below to see how Vortex’s unique approach can help you excel.

  • Greater Miami Jewish Federation

    Archiving A Graphic Design Firm’s Past Also Ensures Their Future

    Services Provided

    • Design and Layout
    • Typesetting
    • Production Supervision
    • Print procurement

    We’ve made a practice of archiving client work for over two decades. We started with floppy disks, moved through syquest cartridges, to ZIP disks and a few versions of DAT tape. These days, we’re using RDX Quickstor along with other media. MORE >

  • Miami Children’s Chorus

    Website Content and Design Come Together to Tell A Better Service Story

    Services Provided

    • Fast Track Concept Development
    • Final Artwork
    • Digital and Print file delivery

    Vortex has been the graphic design firm of choice for the Miami Children’s Chorus for more than 5 years, working closely with the Executive Director on marketing communications.

    Now in their 51st season, Vortex and Tim Sharp agreed the time was right to introduce a fresh look for the non-profit organization, and strengthen the overall brand presence on seasonal marketing materials.

    The real challenge was in needing to develop a concept and final artwork within two weeks to meet deadlines for first event marketing materials. MORE >

  • Orth, Chakler, Murnane & Company

    Want to get the most for your money when it comes to postcard and flyer graphic design? Think brand.

    Services Provided

    • Concept Development
    • Design and Layout
    • Artwork Development
    • File Prep

    Focusing on fees and selecting the low-cost bidder for small projects may seem like the best way to spend your marketing dollars. In reality, real value is found in sound design judgement, and not price. MORE >

  • Retirement Home for Horses

    Website Content and Design Come Together to Tell A Better Service Story

    Services Provided

    • Concept Design
    • llustration

    The Retirement Home for Horses at Mill Creek Farm in Alachua, Florida commissioned Vortex Communications to create a trail map for visitors. This 335 acre non-profit farm is home to over 100 rescued and retired horses.

    As part of the farm’s outreach program, families are invited to come visit the farm and hike along a series of trails that connect pastures, native woods and wetlands on the property. MORE >

  • SpaFinder

    Website Content and Design Come Together to Tell A Better Service Story

    Services Provided

    • Concept Development
    • Design and Layout
    • Artwork Development
    • Retouching
    • File Prep
    • Print Production

    SpaFinder Wellness asked Vortex to develop sales collateral about their incentive programs for a trade association meeting focused on corporate wellness. In this case, SpaFinder’s decision to attend the show was last minute, and so the budget to produce everything was going to be an unanticipated expense. MORE >

  • Victoria Landing

    How Testimonials Can Refresh Senior Housing Marketing Leads

    Services Provided

    • Concept Development
    • Design and Layout
    • Artwork Development
    • File Prep

    Victoria Landing, an assisted living facility for seniors selected Vortex Communications to develop an advertising campaign aimed at attracting residents to their 100+ apartment hi-rise complex.

    Vortex developed the ad campaign creative based on data gathered through resident interviews conducted by The Ehlers Group, a national senior housing marketing agency. MORE >