Graphic Design for Promotional Sales Tools and Dimensional Mailers

Improve response rates with 3D promotional sales tools & mailers.


Delivered by mail or in person by your sales team, well-designed promotional sales tools enhance your brand image and differentiate your offering, particularly in very competitive categories. Sometimes it simply isn’t enough to see a product – prospects need to hold it and use it to appreciate its unique features and quality.

As a trusted resource, Vortex Communications can:

  • Assist you in developing a sound sales aid communications strategy
  • Develop 2-D and 3-D mock-ups for discussion and approval
  • Source manufacturing and prototypes
  • Work cooperatively with your in-house departments for approvals
  • Coordinate logistics, and track delivery

Utilizing innovative sales aids can:

  • Highlight Innovative product features
  • Showcase quality manufacturing
  • Engage your prospects to interact with your product
  • Reinforce your brand
  • Promote an event
  • Build employee morale and team buy-in

Vortex Communications can improve the response to your marketing efforts by creating dimensional sales aids that attract and engage your target audiences. Whenever a 3D sales piece lands in a prospect’s hands, whether carrying a product sample or simply the product message, your chance of breaking through to a sale goes up significantly.  Delivery Magazine reported that pieces that aren’t flat “…produce higher response rates than other…formats.”

Need buyers to study your product advantages?
It’s within your grasp.

Explore the case studies below to see how Vortex’s unique approach can help you excel.

  • SpaFinder

    Website Content and Design Come Together to Tell A Better Service Story

    Services Provided

    • Concept Development
    • Design and Layout
    • Artwork Development
    • Retouching
    • File Prep
    • Print Production

    SpaFinder Wellness asked Vortex to develop sales collateral about their incentive programs for a trade association meeting focused on corporate wellness. In this case, SpaFinder’s decision to attend the show was last minute, and so the budget to produce everything was going to be an unanticipated expense. MORE >

  • Ethicon Endo-Surgery

    Website Content and Design Come Together to Tell A Better Service Story

    Services Provided

    • Concept
    • Copywriting
    • Material sourcing
    • Production, Supervision and Fulfillment

    Ethicon Endo-Surgery (EES), a division of Johnson & Johnson, asked Vortex to help them increase requests for hospital trials of an innovative (and premium-priced) bladeless trocar – a device used in laparoscopic surgery.

    Knowing surgeons as well as we do, the challenge was not to simply show and tell these hard-to-impress prospects about this device – we had to get them to interact with the device to appreciate the product advantages. MORE >