How to make more of your local search presence with Google Map listing offers

A Free Online Marketing Opportunity That’s Worth Your Time

As the use of mobile devices grows, so does the reliance on Google Maps. One of the most overlooked features is Google Business’ “Create Post” feature to publish offers. The easy to use tool to add to your inbound marketing arsenal which allows you to add calls-to-action, limited time offers and content highlights to your Google Business listing.

At the present time, local Google business listings generally don’t show in DESKTOP  SERP, but they do show in MOBILE SERP and in Google Maps searches. By leveraging this feature on your Google Maps page, you can drive engagement and traffic to your website by offering content that appeals to individual segments of your target audiences. With the growth of mobile devise use, leveraging your listing is a no-brainer.

Here’s what a typical map search for Google Business listing looks like:

Here’s what a listing looks like with “offers”:

Five Easy Steps to an Online Promotion

The good news is that it’s easy to add an offer by using the “Create Post” function. Here are the 5 steps you need to take advantage of the feature:

  1. Make sure you’re Google business and map listing is verified. If not, go to to verify. If you are already verified, login and go to your business page home dashboard.You can choose to create a post about what’s new, a product event or special offer.Tip: Before you start, you’ll need to prepare a text offer message of 100-300 words, a photo, offer date if applicable, offer restrictions, and a link to a landing page or other choices Google’s business listing page provides.You can ensure higher response rates by tuning your offer to your businesses ideal target audience personas.
  1. You’ll see three buttons at the top: Create Post; Add Photo; and Create Ad. For this example, we’ll be using “Create Post” to add an offer to your listing.
  2. Once you click the “Create Post” button, a window pops up where you can choose from “What’s New”, an “Event”, “Offer”, or “Product”. Select the option you want, and then add your text and imagery along with any other mandatory information.
  3. Once you add your text and imagery, you’ll need to decide if you want to add a call-to-action.
  1. After you have double-checked your post for accuracy, spelling, and other issues, you can “Preview” or “Publish”. Once published, when visitors find your listing on Google Maps, your offer will be front and center along with reviews and other pertinent information.

Get Ahead of Your Competition

Over time, this feature will gain popularity, but for the moment it’s underused, especially by your competitors, so get started today.

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