The Importance of Consumer-Oriented Website Design and Development

Website Design and Development – Consumer vs. Product Orientation

Does your website address your consumer’s concerns?

Your initial reaction might be to say yes, of course it does – but closer inspection may find that you’re missing out on some important methods to draw people into your brand.

For instance, you may think that talking about your product entices people to pay attention to your brand, but the way you do it may be putting people off before they get to know you.

Paying close attention to the marketing orientation of website design and development can pay off in the long run. But first, you have to decide which side of the orientation argument you’re currently on, and how your brand can articulate the best qualities of both.

Identifying these two frameworks for brand messaging is simple:

The best marketing campaigns use both consumer and product orientation to some degree. However, the website design and development aspect of your digital marketing campaign is usually best designed for consumer-oriented messaging.

In order to understand why, it’s important to map your brand messaging to the buyer’s journey. The fundamental idea is that consumers go through stages of awareness, consideration, and decision before actually buying a product.

Generally, consumer-oriented messaging is more useful for the awareness and consideration steps of the journey, whereas product-oriented messaging performs better during the decision phase.

For many of your customers, your website is firmly placed at the tail-end of the awareness phase, as they move towards considering your product or service. In some cases, your website is the very first branded messaging a customer sees – it should speak to that customer as directly as possible, and gently guide them towards wanting to learn more about your products and services as a result.

How Consumer-Oriented Messaging Works

Once you have front-facing brand messaging that speaks to customers’ needs, you can implement content development strategies that bring them closer to you. In most cases, this means running and maintaining a blog that talks about the things consumers care about within your industry.

When you’re targeting consumers in the awareness phase, you need to offer insightful, educational content that paints your brand in a positive light by demonstrating expertise and thought leadership. At the same time, you can use this opportunity to maximize your SEO options and thoughtfully engage in PPC advertisement to get the greatest impact out of every article.

Only after that fact should you move on to messaging that lets consumers who already trust you know just how valuable your products and services are.

Need help pivoting your brand messaging to a consumer-oriented framework? Talk to the Vortex Communications team about your digital marketing goals today.

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