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Boost your website traffic and you’ll boost your business.


Sure, almost every company has a website. By in large, the people who run these companies don’t have a clear picture of what’s working on their site, like how many visitors come to the site, and what pages are getting the most traffic, what pages people are existing the site, and what keywords are driving traffic. There are literally hundreds of factors that can affect your site page rank and popularity. A simple tweak of keywords, or call-to-action, can mean a marked improvement.

The good news? Our process can bring a new clarity to the process for you, and in turn, attract more business. We can optimize your online marketing activities, and help you make the right decisions about SEO (Search Optimization), PPC (Pay Per Click) and even help you optimize for 60+ local listings.

The Vortex Process

Our sweet spot is with startups, medium and large organizations who want practical solutions.
Rather than force you into an off-the-shelf Search Engine Optimization and PPC services approach that doesn’t get at the core issues, we develop a specific plan that addresses your particular needs.

Analytics Audit

Before we tell you what needs to be done, we review your site’s stats to know what’s currently happening.

Persona Research

Customer and prospect research ensures that we identify the right terms to rank your site for what role social media channels will play.

Keyword Research

We’ll identify meaningful keyword phrases an organization of your size and scale can rank for.

On-page SEO

We adjust all the on-page elements that affect your traffic and ranking.

Off-page SEO

We’ll advise you on how to make the most of social media and other factors that affect your traffic and ranking.

Monitoring & Reporting

You have access to the same reports we do that tell us how we’re doing and what we can improve.

PPC Pay-Per-Click

We’ll develop a PPC program that targets the right prospects and optimizes your budget.


Unfortunately the fight for traffic never ends. We’ll create a plan that makes sense for you.

Fact is, 40% of people never look beyond the first 10 listings of search results

The real issue though is click-throughs, and engagement. Getting a local prospect to click is directly related to the value of the content and degree of match to their search. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an organic approach that requires on-going work but delivers long-term value and rank momentum.

Take a shortcut to the top with paid listings

PPC (Pay Per Click) can deliver high rankings quickly and help you jump the “directories” yet requires on-going expenditures to ensure visibility. Whatever approach you take, producing high-quality content to engage prospects and leads is critical.


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Explore the case studies below to see how Vortex’s unique approach can help you excel.

  • The Ehlers Group

    Website Content and Design Come Together to Tell A Better Service Story

    Services Provided

    • Web Design
    • Content Development
    • SEO
    • Inbound Marketing
    • Training
    • Concept Development
    • WordPress
    • Social Media

    The Ehlers Group, a senior housing marketing agency based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida selected Vortex Communications to put a new face and structure on their WordPress website.

    We’ve worked with The Ehlers Group for over 10 years, so we understand what makes them unique. Tom Weinkle, Vortex creative director says, “Designing and building a website is the easy part. Telling the story is where the challenge lies.” MORE >

  • Brainworks Website Development

    Is Your Business Website Making Headlines Or Sitting In The Sidelines?

    Services Provided

    • Web Design
    • Content Strategy and Development
    • SEO
    • WordPress Custom Theme Development
    • Training
    • Maintenance

    As an enterprise providing intelligent software solutions to the newspaper and media publishing industry, the team at Brainworks prides itself on media expertise as well as resourcefulness in business SaaS (Software as a Solution) development. Therefore, the Sayville, NY, company’s decision to engage Vortex Communications to update its website, was made on the premise that Brainworks wanted to make improvements, without distractions from doing what it does best—developing and selling digital and print publishing software solutions.

    Miami-based Vortex Communications was a smart choice to help Brainworks with content development, web design and search optimization, while making the new site responsive (smartphone and tablet-friendly). MORE >