Try a little love, understanding and attention with Infographics


Infographics “turbocharge” your marketing efforts via:

Increased readership

It’s not enough to attract prospects to your content; they need to read it, too. One survey reported that consumers are 30 times more likely to read an infographic than a text article.

Improved persuasion

Another research project, at a prestigious university, showed just how convincing infographics can be – they not only present a positive argument forcefully, but they are also more effective at countering negative responses than text alone. 

Super-sized social sharing

Seeing that infographics ensure higher readership, and better persuade readers, it should be no surprise that they also encourage far greater sharing.   In fact, posts of infographics on Twitter are shared at a rate 832% higher than that for articles or photos.


 How Vortex gives you an advantage.

Vortex Communications provides both the infographic design experience and the artistry to create infographics that break out of an increasingly crowded content marketplace.

We have years of experience translating complex information into understandable charts and graphs.

We take pains to push our designs beyond the now-standard look of most infographics.  And we can apply that combination of skill and perspective to a wide range of visual information formats, including:

  • Infographics
  • Charts
  • Diagrams
  • Tables
  • Icons
  • Illustrations and Renderings
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