Why You Need to Be Consistent with Blogging and Social Media

Published on July 19, 2017 in Digital Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Web Design & SEO

The foundation of any good content marketing campaign is maintaining a practice of publishing frequently and consistently. This applies whether your platform is social media, blogging, YouTube or all of the above.

As ACI Information Group points out, 211 million individual pieces of new content are published every minute. Only quality and relevance will ensure you are noticed and considered.

Blogging Consistency is Brand Consistency

By nature, text and video blogs that present solutions and advice concerning products and services is what attracts organic traffic to your online presence. Generally speaking, unless you are selling a product, your website content is static. Blogging represents an opportunity to continually attract new traffic with new content. Search traffic may be the end goal, but it’s also important to keep in mind that your content is also a brand touchpoint where prospects and leads can learn about the promise and vision of your brand.

The more consistently you blog, the more consistently you brand. Over time, if your brand delivers on its promise, you will build trust and loyalty.

As you might imagine, if search engines attempt to match queries with available content, consistency alone is not an effective strategy. Quality and relevancy is what delivers value and ultimately high-quality traffic. When you attract large amounts of traffic, and match up with a high number of queries, you are on your way to building content authority which helps boost your page rank and overall visibility.

Quantifying Authoritative Content

Search engine engineers continue to tweak their methods of indexing, analyzing and ranking content. Unfortunately, even if search bots recognize content as lower quality due to length, diction, excessive links, or duplicate information, that doesn’t always mean it will be pushed lower on search-result pages. Along with relevancy, content that is shared and linked builds engagement. High engagement numbers help establish content authority.

Social media works in the same way. Facebook considers posts with high rates of engagement to be high quality posts. As more people engage with a particular post, Facebook’s News Feed algorithm assigns more value to it, making it more visible throughout the platform.

This means that content marketers looking for tangible results need to engage audiences using a reliable content development strategy. For some content marketers, the difficulty of coming up with consistently engaging blog post subjects sets up an ecosystem of compromise. In many cases, hiring a content development service can help. Experienced and reputable firms can help you profile your audiences correctly using buyer personas and ensure that your website, blog and social media publishing delivers the information prospects and leads need and want.

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