Marketing Materials for Ethicon Endo-Surgery | 10


Services Provided

  • Concept
  • Copywriting
  • Material sourcing
  • Production, Supervision and Fulfillment
As a design firm of record to Ethicon Endo-Surgery for several years, Vortex was selected to develop a direct mail promotion for the marketing of the Xcel line of trocars. Communications goals for the promotion were to: clearly differentiate Xcel from competitors; showcase key features; encourage physical interaction and study. Vortex sourced a clear styrene container, and designed unique foam and paper inserts to suspend the product within the box. The inserts were printed with important messaging, highlighted product advantages along with clinical references. The foam insert helped to focus attention on Xcel’s promise of smooth one-handed exchange (a clinical benefit for surgeons), product insertion and retention. The promotion was so successful that an extension of the concept was used to promote a new  Xcel 15mm trocar, useful in gastric banding procedures. Accompanying protective packaging and shipper boxes were created with brand consistent messaging. Need P.O.S. packaging or promotion graphic design? We’ll Make your products pop!
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