Brochure Graphic Design for Mellon United National Bank


Services Provided

  • Concept Development
  • Page layout and artwork
  • Graphic Design
  • Print Production Services

Vortex Communications was selected by Mellon United National Bank to develop the design and layout of a single fold brochure to aid in the marketing of banking services to internet and music industry businesses.

As a way to underscore the high level of service, the creative approach featured a high-level bank manager as the potential client’s point of contact. Vortex’s cover concept put prospects at ease by making a simple visual play on the message and a photographic visual that related to the industry being addressed.

Inside the brochures, bank staff were presented as star athletes might be shown on the field of play, to suggest teamwork and a upfront approach to client service.

Reflecting the target market, both brochures were transcreated into Spanish-language versions.

Vortex’s fresh approach delivered a memorable graphic design solution that was fully compatible with the existing brand.

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