Why You Really Do Need to Focus on Digital Marketing

Leverage Local Search Marketing to Increase Sales

Despite the gains to be made, there is still a huge number of small business owners who have yet to take the dive into digital marketing as an important lead-generating activity. You may have considered online marketing a tool to reach audiences other than your principal clientele, but that is quickly changing.

The reality is that when making any kind of product or service purchase decision, everyone with a smartphone will use the device at some point in the process. Search queries for competitor’s prices or nearby location (which can happen in-store) are common. Consumers are better equipped than ever to make buying choices that suit their needs and desires, and as a business owner, you need to keep up.

Local Search is Key

Search Engine Watch notes that 50% of retail store visits occur right after a Google Maps search for the store. Even if you are not a retailer, claiming your google map listing and optimizing it for local search is an easy way to capture leads and sales that are geographically convenient to your business. Many professional services and home care related businesses generate regular leads as a result of google map listings that indicate close proximity to the user’s search location.

A skeptic may say that many of these consumers already knew where they were going and the search was for a map and directions. It would be impossible to know for sure, but what you can conclude is that when a search is conducted, he or she also sees your competitors in the results on Google Maps. What if one is closer, or has a more attractive offer available online? This reality is the fundamental reason businesses use pay-per-click advertising to be seen before their competitors.

Your online website presence can make or break your business even if you rely on referrals and word-of-mouth. This is because online presence for local searches builds brand credibility – people are more likely to trust your brand if they can find the information they want online.

Local search and smartphone friendly web design can help your brand position itself as a solution to consumer problems. Most people turn to the online search the second they wish to solve a problem, and your digital marketing presence there is key to taking advantage of that opportunity.

Mobile Convenience is the Solution

Considering that 75% of store shoppers use their mobile device in-store, having a mobile-friendly online presence is increasingly important. These shoppers are either logging on to check on goods they plan on purchasing or to verify that they’re getting the best price. In both cases, you could lose out to a competitor without knowing it simply because you haven’t engaged or provided the right content to prospects and leads.

An online presence that includes search engine optimization, trustworthy product reviews, user-ratings, and mobile-friendly web design is one of the best investments a business owner can make. As time goes on, people will become increasingly dependent on their mobile devices, and you want to be there when they’re looking for you.

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