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Vortex has assembled a collection of search engine optimization resources, guides, checklists and workbooks you may find helpful to your inbound marketing, graphic and web design needs. You can get a copy of any of these with a legitimate request for proposal.


Generate Business Online

FREE. An overview of five technology trends reflecting the opportunity to develop more business through inbound marketing

Effective Website Redesign

FREE. A great resource for anyone embarking on a website redesign. Includes recommendations on 10 key issues to take into account for a redesign process

Learn Search Engine Optimization from the Experts

FREE. A collection of essays and tips by industry experts on mastering SEO best practices

Use Personas to Improve Sales

FREE. Understand how Buyer Personas can help to focus website content strategies and inbound marketing. This guide will take you through the components of a buyer personas and how to create a profile of your ideal customer for online marketing success.

Blog for New Business

FREE. Blogging is a key component to organically improving your search ranking and click-through rates. This comprehensive guide will show you how to get started and create a short, medium, and long-term plan for success.

Create Effective Calls-To-Action

FREE. Download this easy to follow guide to understanding and implementing Calls-To-Action to generate more leads with inbound marketing.

Find leads with Social Media

FREE. A easy to follow, step-by-step workbook on developing leads with social media. Covers best practices for Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Pinterest


Run a Fast-Track Project Right

FREE. This checklist will help you to get the most out of your internal or external resources when it comes to fast-track marketing communications projects.

Design Better Presentations

FREE. This guide will help you get a handle on structure, content, key components, and better design decisions.


Why You Should Use WordPress for Websites

FREE. A free guide to help give you a better understanding of website content management and the advantages of WordPress for web design
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