Search optimization is great, but don’t forget graphic design

Web Design: Interface Design Is As Important as Content Development

vortex-strategic-design-makes-a-differenceI was at a networking function this past week, and introduced to a sales executive in the insurance industry. We were speaking about graphic design and website design and SEO in Miami and he blurted out, “design doesn’t matter, all you have to do is be found.” After spending the last 25 or so years proving to clients that design does matter, I retorted, “if you mean aesthetics by themselves,” then you are right. But design is really about content and order”…and that’s integral to getting “found.” He smiled, sensing he had pressed one of my buttons. I added,…”content is everything, but if site visitors can’t understand what you are saying, or can’t find what they need, then your done.” I added that… “aside from PPC, one of the best things you can do is be adding valuable content on a regular basis with blogging.” A few other people joined the conversation and we talked further about blogging, getting found and gaining subscribers. The big takeaway? Make your content relevant.

SEO is important

What’s interesting to me about this conversation is the high level of awareness about SEO, but the complete lack of awareness about the role and value of design. Why? It’s clear to me that design is taken for granted. Design is so embedded in everything we do, that people are actually unaware of it’s role.

Don’t take graphic design for granted

Without a design decision about signage, who would know that red means stop, and green means go? Without design, who would know how to use a map to get from point A to point B? Closer to the original subject of this post, without design, who would know where to find paid listings on google? Without design, how would we know who had the highest ranking on a page? Without design, how would anyone know how to fill out a form and submit their information. The point is, without smart design, information can and will be confusing and virtually useless.

Graphic Design firms can help improve your SEO

That begs the question: who should create design, and who is allowed to? The answer I think is… we all should. The real issue though is how well we do it. There are some people who are better at it than others. Perhaps they were trained, perhaps they apprenticed, perhaps they just have a great intuitive sense. Design has been associated with problem solving, but many design activities have nothing to do with problems, they have to do with answers and strategic messaging. Strategies about how to arrange visual and textual information, how to create order, and how to enhance comprehension create an impression and influence informed decision-making. Nowadays, great content development in Miami, just like every other place is critical. Vortex Communications can help you make the most of your communications.

So, next time you hear someone say design doesn’t matter, have them speak to a designer who knows better.

About the author: Tom Weinkle is a founder and partner of Vortex Communications, a graphic and website design firm who offers graphic and WordPress web design, build, troubleshooting and training services based in Miami, Florida. Tom has over 25 years of experience in visual communications for the healthcare, medical, law, accounting, software, financial services and banking industries.

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