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Think Social Media is about "tooting" your own horn? Think again.

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Social Media is a strategic way to target, connect and share with prospects and customers and monitor how your brand is seen from their point of view.


Social media allows for precise targeting in an affordable way.

We can guide you with ads, hashtags and groups as a way to reach your idea of the ideal customer.

Sometimes it’s about getting people to “follow you”, like a post or a page, other times it’s inviting people to an event. We can help you use social media to conduct surveys about your product or services, or even how well you are known.

The coolest thing about using paid social media is the data you get back about who you’re connecting with. Age, gender, geography, time of day and more.


Quality content is compelling and engaging.

Do your Facebook and Twitter posts only get likes and shares from your employees and friends? Chances are, your content is just not cutting it. You see, volume publishing isn’t the answer, it’s quality publishing, and that’s something we understand.

You can sign up for inexpensive blog and social media posting services to slap your brand #hashtag everywhere, every day. Fact is, you’re risking turning your prospects and customers off.

Want to get traction? Vortex will base your publishing content on needs and desires and target audiences. Make sense? Good, because it’s the foundation of our social media strategies and creative.


Not every great post has to be yours.

When a brand shows empathy, it’s powerful. When budgets are tight, “sharing” someone else’s compelling content can be an effective way to keep you in the mind of your customer without always having to develop your own. The upside of this strategy is the ability to increase publishing frequency. The downside is that your taking your audience away from your brand. Even so, there are times when using shared content can actually help. Knowing when is the trick, and we do know when.


Know how your brand is being perceived.

Many companies don’t bother monitoring their brand at all. Have you seen what people post when they have a bad experience on an airline flight or in a restaurant? How about a bad customer service experience?

What if you could know what they’re thinking? Monitoring social media feeds for our clients is one of the things we can do for you too. How great would it be to address a complaint right after it happens? What about correcting the wrong perception. How would you like to show your support for your customer’s interests? Building your brand in a real world way. How cool would that be?

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