Miami, Florida Graphic Design and Branding Firm Fact Sheet

Vortex Communications Basics

Who | Leadership

THOMAS WEINKLE, co-founder and creative director
MICHAALA SPEIJERS, co-founder and operations


Vortex Communications is a graphic, branding and web design company that provides customer-focused creative marketing solutions. The Miami-based firm offer a full-range of digital and print communications tools for product and service advertising and promotion for B2B and B2C applications.


Established in Miami, Florida in 1986 to provide high-quality graphic + web design, branding and digital marketing services to local, regional and international organizations.


Because communicating a clear message with maximum visual impact is our passion, Vortex Communications was founded on the principle that the visual presentation of a company’s identity, services or products should be given as much importance as the ideas themselves.


From concept to design to completion, Vortex Communications’ creative team offers a complete range of services, which means each project is managed comprehensively from start to finish. Vortex Communications’ work has been recognized by the Advertising Federation of Greater Miami, American Institute of Graphic Arts, Printing Industries of Florida and America, Strathmore Paper Corporation and Warren Paper Corporation.

estimating and billing policy:

The Un-Retainer

The “un-retainer” is an arrangement in which a project is estimated, and a minimum fee is agreed upon, but for which actual hours are tracked and billed.  Typically, there is also a provision stipulating that the estimated minimum will not be exceeded without additional approval. This provides maximum flexibility and accountability.

The Flat Fee Project

In many cases, a flat fee is the simplest way to pay for creative services. Perhaps your agency is focusing on another project on your behalf, the project is outside the expertise offered by your in-house staff, or you need someone to pitch-in on a temporary basis. We’re happy to help, and not step on toes while we do the work.

Billing and Ownership of Artwork

We require deposits to begin work, and balance of fees are due upon or before final delivery of your project. Generally speaking, our services are considered work for hire, and your ownership and right to use our work product and deliverables are predicated on receipt of satisfactory final payment.

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